The CultureMoves LabDay in January (ENG)

What happened last Friday, January 18th in Carrara?

CultureMoves brought together many actors, experiences and skills from different sectors to talk about dance, tourism and creative content re-use in order to identify good practices and success factors that contribute to the promotion of a territory.

Tuscany System Foundation (FST), who organized the event and it is in charge of the demonstration in the tourism sector, namely the promotion of Riviera Apuana (the northern coastal part of Tuscany including the municipalities of Massa, Carrara and Montignoso), invited the participants to explore and define:
  1. which historical/cultural/social distinguishing features of Massa-Carrara area its tangible and intangible cultural heritage and which is worth highlighting for tourism promotion purposes;
  2. how dance and its contents can help to promote the territory;
  3. how Europeana and local archives can enrich the storytelling;
  4. how technology can support this narration, and what are the use cases we can draw inspiration from.

The LabDay on Friday 18th was the first appointment of a participatory path, a co-creation hub with intense discussions about culture, tourism, dance and creative industry.

The programme of the day started with some inspirational speeches introducing the main themes of the project:
  • Paolo Chiappini, director of the FST, spoke about intangible cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the Tuscan identity, and how much it contributes to Tuscany “brand”.
  • Roberta di Laura, professional dancer and member of the International Dance Council of Paris, brought the example of two of her projects, "Wunderbar Taranto" and "Traveling Ballerina Project", illustrating how the dance can tell, promote, enhance and enter in connection with the cultural heritage of a territory.
  • Lastly, Mercè Lopez and Claudio Prandoni from Aedeka, introduced the theme of creative reuse with the presentation of some best practices gathered around the Europeana and dance contents.

After this session participants were asked to contribute actively in two participatory sessions conducted by SocioLab, sharing their skills to identify the successful components in combining dance and tourism promotion.

A multi-disciplinary framework was assured by: the Massa-Carrara Chamber of Commerce (which hosted the event); the Municipalities of Massa and Carrara; the Apuania Film Commission and its associates: Caterina Figaia, Alex Bordigoni, Angelo Iannattone, Massimo Bondielli, Giuseppe Capozzolo, Alessio Ciancianaini and Nicola Marchini; Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo; the Study & Research Center of the Fondazione Campus - Tourism Academy of Lucca; the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, the Marmifera archive (in the person of the curator Cristiana Barandoni) and the Fondazione Terre Medicee of Seravezza.

The valuable and precious feedback collected from this event will soon be made available through a White Paper that will be disseminated on our channels.

The stakeholder meetings will continue during the next project phases to outline the contents of the future demonstration activity. Stay tuned!